Vampire Conspiracy (Nr6)


In China, vampires had long, hooked claws and red eyes. They were known as ch’iang shih, which translates to “corpse-hopper.”

Vampire Conspiracy (Nr4)


During the 16th century, it was believed that vampires fed off the bodies of plague victims, and that female vampires spread the plague. Those suspected of being vampires were even buried with rocks wedged in their mouths.

Vampire Conspiracy (Nr3)


During the dark years of the plague is when we find the most stories and tales of vampires and some believe this is when the Legend took its true form.

During the 16th century, it was believed that vampires fed off the bodies of plague victims, and that female vampires spread the plague. Those suspected of being vampires were even buried with rocks wedged in their mouths.

We Read

No need for comment, we all know it to be true


After your published

So, you have written a book, got a publisher (well done you, nobody but us knows how much work and heartache you have endured so far), you book is live on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and noble and everywhere else one can possible buy ebooks. Your publisher is doing their thing and you are trying your best to get the word out about your book, you are on facebook, your tweeting , and of course you have a blog because you have been contracted to do all these things in your publishing deal, and also, because now that it is out there, you actually really want to know what people think..

  • Facebook – it goes ok, most of my likes are other authors trying to get me to like their page through liking mine.
  • Twitter – deeto, I have had over 200 followers – all authors

So I know we authors read a lot – but really , even if I tried and read from morning to evening I could not get through the amount of free books I have been sent since releasing Golden.

  • Goodreads – that is different, here I connect with readers, I am actually getting books recommended I want to read and can recommend my book to others. I like it.
  • WordPress- here I get the least contact. I write, I share, I read other peoples interesting blogs, but little contact, no feedback. I have heard from others that their blog is the hardest to get going.

Ad last but not least, what I had sort of relied on from the beginning were my

  • Friends and acquaintances: so I am quite a private person, I only have a handful of facebook friends, but I just assumed they would all be excited for me. Sadly I forgot  they all have their own busy lives and the most I have had is a random, ‘oh, well , thats cool’… No shares on their pages, no clapping my back, and out of 70 I know of only 3 that have read it and answered my pleads for leaving a review on Amazon. I would do it for them. A few people have surprised me, people who I did not think would even look up at the mention of my name have been so supportive it warms my heart. They have shared my posts and liked my pages, read my book and left awesome kind reviews. When you need people and want support is when you notice who steps up and who doesn’t. Those that haven’t won’t even see this and those that have know who they are so there is zero harm in talking so openly on the WWW.

Fellow Authors : Well I have met some brilliant people ! All round what an experience, from unknown authors to have the support of famous ones has been my favourite thing about my writing adventure. I would have thought there would be more competition, but except a very few exceptions (where falsehood and nastiness crept in) I have had nothing but support and friendly encouraging words. So thank you all you fellow authors 

Here is where I want you all to comment and get in touch, what has your experience been ?

Amazon book ranking !

I have no idea what it means for ‘Golden’ but it is ranked 140 in children’s books and 19900 overall on Amazon.

Does anyone actually still visit book shops ? There seems little need. Our local library will order in any title you desire within a week and children do not even get fined for late returns. (feeling a bit guilty myself as I still have some library books left from my children’s summer holidays…).

Then I must admit, I have never looked anywhere further then good old amazon for books, I even get my audio books for ironing from there. Not that I am trying to promote them, or sing their praise.

Actually I have no feelings towards them at all, if only that they are a convenience and I have never bothered to spend any time looking for other sources of books.

If I am looking for something new to read, I go there and have a good browse, check what people have said about a book and , to be honest, probably choose one with a cover that appeals to me. Who else does the same?

I used to love spending hours in bookshops and spend most, if not all my money on books, but now our nearest bookstore is a ‘book superstore’ 1.5 hours away, and if I do drive that distance to shop, I rarely spend much time in a brightly lit stark white store that also sells fizzy pop and toys.

I think it is sad. There are, after all some old books I simply can not find as ebook and here in the Uk these bookshops seem to be becoming very rare finds indeed.