The Real Vampire Conspiracy

Golden touches on the ridiculousness of how vampires are portrayed in books and films nowadays. The perfect bad boy – with a heart as soft as my pillow – yeah right! No such thing. Every girl and woman ever scorched by a true bad boy knows the truth. Being bad takes its toll and the psyche, you can’t be an ass with a heart of gold, so you can’t be a blood hungry monster with a weakness for love. The two things do not go together, no matter how romantic they may seem. The most believable storyline is Buffy’s where the vampires soul is restored by magic. That kind of makes sense,  the rest of the vampires are just plain wicked, just the one cursed (undoubtedly brooding and gorgeous dude) Vampire with a soppy heart.

Golden turns everything we know about vampires upside down. What if Vampires were never blood sucking monsters to begin with? What if they were our one and only defense against demons and chaos taking over? But gossip, stories, media and the fear of the unknown has woven them into the bad guys and accepted humanity as flawed. Every gruesome crime committed is taken for granted to be the work of some deranged individual, demons and the power they wield over their hosts forgotten over the milinia. But what if every bloody crime, every terrorist attack and all wars were instigated by the demons living invisibly amoungst us? And the only ones who can save us have been pushed into the background, forgotten about and turned into caricatures of themselves through comics and films. You of course could not fully get away with it, hiding in plain sight between humans trying to protect them as best as you could. You would not be able to get away with it, and here comes the biggest conspiracy of all. Our soldiers, our police force, our govenours, mayors and president. They know. They work along side the Vampires of old, the Golden ones, to protect humanity with all its flaws from the demons within.

This week, for fun I am going to compose a list of actual factual vampire lores, stories and snippets to showcase how time, stories and old wife tales have formed our views of what vampires are today.garlic1


Medical ailments can mimic symptoms of vampirism. For example, haematodipsia is a sexual thirst for blood, and hemeralopia is day blindness. Porphyria causes sensitivity to light and teeth that are stained reddish brown.

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Golden – Not Vampire

For those out there that have not yet taken the plunge on the first Golden novel, there are some things you need to think about.

Take everything you know about Vampires, all the age old stories, all the myths and nightmare tales. Forget the movies and books, shelf Buffy next to Angel and have a really good think about what you see?

You see a terrifying being, commercially reused so many times, we are bored of the whole thing. Vampires are evil, vampires with a sole who can magically defy all blood lust for their love of a girl. And yes, it sparkles in the sun light and can jump as high as houses. Really?

In the 21st century nobody, absolutely no body actually believes in Vampires anymore, like Santa Clause, plausible as a child, known legend as a teen and adult.

What if that is exactly what they wanted.

Vampires do not exist, but what the stories mask is so much more terrifying then any Vampire story ever told.

What if the Legend of Vampires was the only thing stood between us and total chaos?

Think about it, really think about it: what do we really know about the world around us? We only know what we are told and in an age where what is written on Facebook is taken as plain fact and common sense is a rare commodity. We are a civilization of followers, it is probably better we all stay in the dark.


Golden locked for publication !

Source: Golden locked for publication !

Reviewers invited !

Golden was released just over two weeks ago and I am sure a few of my readers must have finished it by now. Though the thought of people criticizing my much loved book and the characters within, I do have to admit I am curious to hear what people think. My spin on vampires is a bit out there, and though I loved this book, I could have carried on writing book number two seconds after I finished the first one, as there is so much more to explore!

I need some good and honest reviews, either in the comments below, on Amazon or Barnes and noble.

I also have a blog running on blogger, so if you are linked in there pop over for a chat. I will endeavor to answer all messages and queries as soon as I get them.


The First Edit

Excuse my long absence from this Blog I started, I gathered followers and made new friends and then disappeared of the side of the page.

My reason is simple, the 1st Edit is not something for the faint of heart.

I was expecting it to be brutal, I was expecting to see my beloved pages marked in red from first word to last. But I  was also actually looking forward to working with a professional to make my story the best it could be.

I knew it would be hard work. 

Why? How did I know and expect these things. Because since I decided to try and get Golden published, I have read every “word of the author” at the back of every book I have ever read, and they all say the same – big thanks to my editor, without whom this book would not have been possible, it’s been a long hard road, it’s been a lot of work, a lot of late nights….
So when I got my ‘first edit’ back I was excited to get right into it!
Oh wow!
Mine looked quite tame. Until I started.  (edited: mine looked quite tame until I started)
The stupidest mistake I had made, I had written numbers as numbers – I had not even noticed I had done that. So I had to go through the whole 72000 words and correct every number mentioned anywhere. It is surprising how many number you use without realizing it. Took a day.
Next: overuse of ‘that’ . Humph I though, but that can’t be, that I use that to much? 962 x that in 72000 words and they need to go!
I am on chapter 11 now, 3 weeks in and its hard going, I can tell you that. I try to manage a chapter a day, but it never works out like that (darn it – that ‘that’ word!). Because for every sentence I need to change, I find another that could be better written. And then, the worst of all – maybe I could ad a bit, develop the story line more, delve more into the characters strengths, maybe change the plot a little?
 So after 3 weeks I have gained 1750 words. If you take into the fact that I also deleted at least 500 ‘that’s’ , I have gained over 2000 words in the first 11 chapters.
That is the trouble with edits – they take time, and if you are like me, doing this for fun, beside a busy days work and juggling 3 children and a husband, it takes a lot of patience and support from all of them.
And of course, it’s just the first edit, my editor only edited the first paragraph and it resulted in 3 weeks of work. I know the next word she is going to pick up on, because I picked up on it when looking for my ‘that’s’, its ‘seemed’.
I have, over the past weeks spoken to a few authors, published and self published. Several of the self published authors, stated they did not use editors, as they changed the story, manipulated it and took it away from the authors.And at first I saw their points and started to agree with them, but the further I advanced in my edit, the more I changed my mind quickly.
I don’t think so, they do no such thing. They are there to improve it only. To make sure it has a good flow and correct all the terrible grammar we let sneak in. Depending on where you live, country, region, area, slang creeps into everyday speech and we do not even notice it. Editors correct the grammar, structure it better and their favorite gripe “fractured sentences” get all but eradicated. I have been told, a story needs to flow and be easy to read. If you are like me and have read over your book so many times you feel like you are living it, you read over the mistakes. Like repainting a white wall, after you are halfway through, all you a can see is white, it is difficult to see where you have already painted and where it is duller, dirtier and not as clean.
I would advise to get your work edited, and that says a lot seeing as I have only had my first paragraph done so far…..