When the Lion falls in love with the lamb

Is, hands down, my favourite quote out of the good old Twilight books, and even without meaning to, I suppose the character of Daniel in Golden is strong and a bit scary as well.

It shows to our human nature, our instinct, that we all want a strong, able man. I also believe, that in this day and age, where men battle most wars on a keyboard, we look for our strong men in literature so much more.

Just take the 50 shades of Grey phenomena. Me personally, I managed to read 2 pages, and then I gave up. Being used to brilliant writers, the books are not well enough written for me to be able to find the patience to endure them, which I realise sounds snobbish, but as an avid reader I suppose I am quite a book snob.

And please don’t get to angry, I also struggle with Dan Brown. I loved his books, the stories, the plot line, but the presentation… By gum, dulled me to a early night.

As it happens I am fluent German, and when the first books came out, I read them in German. It was not till years later, when I was already living here in Wales and thought I could reread them in English, I found out the difference the translator caused in the works. I would have never known the difference, but translated into German, you can not put these books down, they are fantastic fast paced page turners. But boy oh boy did I struggle in English.

Back to point, the fifty shades of grey secret, seems to be the incredibly strong, successful man theme. Yet I doubt, in the middle ages, S&M was ever needed, due to all the sword fighting and brawling, they proved themselves to us woman in different ways back then.

In Golden, without giving to much of a spoiler away, of course, Mathew and Daniel are strong, but I was so fed up with all the waify girls in books. They either all kick ass (like ‘I’m the best of the best’) or they are a bit wimpy – see Bella in Twilight.

Amy is not wimpy, but she is real, she has not got a clue what is going on, but as in the real world she is a girl and with that emotionally stronger than any man – so she tries her damnedest to stumble through everything I threw at her.

Good Morning

Well we are into the second month after Golden has been released and I find myself still at odd with the whole experience.

On one side I am terrified to have people read my work and on the other side I can not wait to hear what they think.

I feel like a child in the weeks leading up to Christmas, when the anticipation is half of the magic of the season.

I have sold quite a few copies on Amazon, from as far away places as Australia, but to my distress I am not getting much in the way of feedback – feedback being the thing I dread in my Ebay shop the most and the thing I covet for my book Golden.

The strangest thing is ,  I do honestly believe I want feedback more than I want sales.

How are you all faring with your books and what is your experience ?

I have yet to have a negative review – and god knows I do not want one. A good friend has made a few pointers, she wanted to know where the good Mathew disappeared too all of a sudden (my lovelies, that would be a spoiler for book two and his sudden disappearance deliberate), and she also wanted to have had more expansion on the whole Lainy disaster near the end of the book – again, spoiler.

So, do I continue to check Amazon every few hours for a review update or stick my head in the sand for fear of my first bad one?

Excerpt From Golden – Please share

“Bye, and thanks for breakfast.” I called after him, while already searching for my keys in my bag.
I could hear his footsteps as he walked away, then they stopped and came back. I glanced up from fiddling in my bag to see him studying me, a look on his face as if he had just decided something he wasn’t too sure about.
“The people don’t move away from you because they are polite.”
His eyes again, where pulling mine in, like sinking, more intense than before making my heart beat faster. Involuntarily I took a step closer, almost touching him. Something so out of character for me I was shocked at my own reaction to him. I forced my eyes away and looked down.
“Amy,” his voice sounded a bit unsteady.
“They move away because they were born with the common sense to be scared of you,”
and in a lighter tone he added, “and of course because your eyes glow in the dark!”
My heart stopped, words already formed got stuck in my throat and I looked up.
But he was gone.
I fumbled my keys in the lock and rushed up the stairs to my room. I dropped my bag on the floor, conscious not to turn the lights on. I went straight to the mirror above my chest of drawers and looked into a pair of brightly glowing eyes.
A strangers eyes.
My eyes.

Golden – To protect and to serve

or to maim and destroy?

If only Amy can stop lying to herself before it is to late.

Golden – Not Vampire

For those out there that have not yet taken the plunge on the first Golden novel, there are some things you need to think about.

Take everything you know about Vampires, all the age old stories, all the myths and nightmare tales. Forget the movies and books, shelf Buffy next to Angel and have a really good think about what you see?

You see a terrifying being, commercially reused so many times, we are bored of the whole thing. Vampires are evil, vampires with a sole who can magically defy all blood lust for their love of a girl. And yes, it sparkles in the sun light and can jump as high as houses. Really?

In the 21st century nobody, absolutely no body actually believes in Vampires anymore, like Santa Clause, plausible as a child, known legend as a teen and adult.

What if that is exactly what they wanted.

Vampires do not exist, but what the stories mask is so much more terrifying then any Vampire story ever told.

What if the Legend of Vampires was the only thing stood between us and total chaos?

Think about it, really think about it: what do we really know about the world around us? We only know what we are told and in an age where what is written on Facebook is taken as plain fact and common sense is a rare commodity. We are a civilization of followers, it is probably better we all stay in the dark.


Golden locked for publication !

Source: Golden locked for publication !