Review for Golden from Barnes & Noble

“Golden”was so unique and original, it really was unlike anything I’dread, and in a good way!! It had so many interesting plot twists and was sexy and dangerously addicting!! Once I got into the book it was impossible to put down, and once I finished I immediately looked for the next one (Where is it??) A must read for fans of paranormal,light romance and New Adult. (5 stars)Essie Harmon–Barnes & Noble;

Kindle Copy Competition : Golden

Not really a competition I am offering every 5th share of my blog a free Kindle copy of my Ebook. I have to pay for these in full myself, so only please take part if you are genuinely interested in…

Source: Kindle Copy Competition : Golden

Book Sales Data Info ?New Amazon Author Page

So , news to me Amazon has this great “author page” feature that you can access as an Author (even if you have a publisher), where you can ad a bio, reviews not published on Amazon and so on.

Here is my newly set up one for Amazon Us, there is a  Amazon page for each country, so its worth setting them all up.

Here is mine :

Authorcentral is self explanatory once you get there and a very helpfull tool to track your amazon ranking and compare it to any promotions you have been running.

Hope this helps!