Vampire Conspiracy (Nr2)

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Sometimes grave robbers would open a coffin and the corpse would move or sit up—a natural reaction that can be caused by decomposition. This may have led to the legend of vampires sleeping in coffins.

My Job, My Children and School Holidays

As a parent (sorry all none parents) do you love or hate, look forward to or dread SCHOOL HOLIDAYS?

I’m all of the above, and with the Christmas ones now a few weeks behind us and half term, Easter and half term looming in front of us, its a good topic to work through – or so I thought.

By trade, I am not an Author only. My main income and full time job is running my clothes stores. So I have two full time jobs. My new Author status came along with all sorts of extra duties I never anticipated like, for example, running a blog. Until I wrote Golden, I never had two minutes spare to ever follow or read a blog, let alone write one. Then you have Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date, new and exciting people to talk to… the list goes on. Its a whole new amazing world, but very time consuming.

And then comes my hobby, we breed dogs, and puppies are a lot of work.

So where does my family, my husband and children fit into my 16 hour days? They wiggle themselves in around the edges and on any average day I feel overwhelmed by guilt at not having enough time for them.

So to the holidays, disaster ! Now I don’t have holidays, so I am at work. But, mostly I work from home, so I am here, with the children and the dogs, working and ignoring them as best as I can to get any work done. It is wretched, I hate it. But not because my kids are in my way, but because I feel so guilty at not being able to give them all my 100% undivided attention at all times. I try, I scramble and stress myself out, every single day trying to be the best working mum I can, but is it enough?

For that reason I love Christmas. We close our shops for two weeks, I lock my Laptop away and my phone is turned oFf and I just hang out with the kids. For two whole weeks.

And I wonder, on their first day back at school, why I work so hard the other 50 weeks a year. Why do I not cut back my hours, work less, spend more time with my beautiful boys and give myself a break?

So every year, my New Years Resolution, after two weeks of being offline is that I will not get sucked back into my work-hole. That I will not let it be all consuming and on my mind 24/7.

And, like all New Years resolutions in the history of New Years resolutions it lasts about a week before I am back in the zone again, counting the days to the Christmas holiday, wishing I was a stay at home mum with not a money worry in the world.

What happened to Scott?



What happened to Scott and why can Amy see through his eyes?

Interested ? You will have to wait for the second book in the Golden series!


Golden On Goodreads


Come over to Goodreads, ad Golden to your library and join in the discussion.

Goodreads is a brilliant way to find new recommended books and I normally check in every few days or so to answer any questions!

See you there 🙂

Golden * By Kathryn Robson


Golden is available to download on Amazon Uk:

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A month since Golden has been published and a few reviews have been trickling in. Reviews on Amazon are like Gold Dust and I want to thank every reader who took the time to leave one. Thank you.

All of you who have read it but not yet left a review – go on !!

Here are a few of my favorites:

From Goodreads:

I don’t normally read reviews in the same way I don’t normally bother with new Authors, but this book came highly recommended so I gave myself a push and bought it last night and I have not put it down till now.
If you like the Maze Runner and Hunger Games, but wished they had a few Vampires, Demons and a tad more heartache, this is the book for you!
It starts of fast, slows down for a few chapters painting the scene and then bam wham thank you mam all the way to the end. There is wrenching heartache, situations nobody should ever be in , Vampires, Demons and throw in a handfull of government agents and soldiers and we are good to go. When is book 2 coming out ?


Really enjoyed this book. In fact, I couldn’t put it down! Robson came up with some clever and enchanting ideas in Golden. Some I wasn’t expecting at all. The main character was relatable and well developed. Fast paced and engaging. Great Book.