Meet Lori J.Gordon


Golden was published by Rebel Ink Press and since then I have had the great opportunity to meet so many absolutely awesome people, its been brilliant fun. The Rebels I have met so far have been really supportive and kind and helped me learn the ropes a bit in this new and fantastically complicated publishing world.

One of my fellow authors at Rebel (one of my fellow Rebels!!) is Lori J. Gordon and as I have just finished reading through her 7 novels I wanted to introduce them to you.

This weekend just gone saw her celebrating the release of her third book in the Lost Night Triology which sees her taken romance out of this world and onto another planet, give it a go, you will neither be bored nor dissapointed !

Before I dive into a short fun Q&A with Lori herself, here some links if you want to look her up on WordPress:


And of course , pop over to Amazon and buy one of her books !


Our short but sweet Q & A:

Lori you have written 7 books, I am a busy person and only going to read one! Which one do you recommend and why?

Black Night, The first book in The Lost Night Trilogy. Why you ask? Because you will fall in love with Sienna and Johnny and escape to another world for a bit, something every busy person needs now and then. Oh and you’ll be dying to know what happens to them and want to read the other two books in the series.

What are your favorite 3 current TV shows, actor and actress?

This is a tough one because I grew up in a house without TV (My parents still do not own one) So I rarely watch TV. But I do enjoy Criminal Minds, Law and Order and the new Hawaii Five-O now and then. My favorite Actor has always been Johnny Depp. My favorite Actress, Sandra Bullock

If you could be a teenager all over again, what would you do different?

Study Harder and Exercise more

What’s your favorite material object that you already own?

My 1989 Convertible Mustang.

Do you have any scars? What are they from?

I have an inch long scar right in the middle of my forehead. When I was a kid I got my jump rope caught on the fence and fell face-down on the cement. (True Story)

Black Night, Book 1 in the Lost Night Trilogy.

Blurb: Sienna James must face the harsh realities that exist outside her sheltered world when she falls in love with the grandson of a rival planet’s evil ruler. Attempting to break off the doomed relationship, Sienna is kidnapped and forced into a marriage designed to destroy her father’s empire.

Johnny Black risks his life in order to rescue his unrequited love, Sienna. In order to escape, the duo must work together on a harrowing journey to the other side of their captive world. Sienna admits that for her, Johnny’s always been the one. But when until a dark secret from his past is revealed, putting the couples love to the ultimate test, Sienna must decide if she can ever trust Johnny again.

Book 2, Castle of Doom

Book 3, Legend of the Night

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