A month since Golden has been published and a few reviews have been trickling in. Reviews on Amazon are like Gold Dust and I want to thank every reader who took the time to leave one. Thank you.

All of you who have read it but not yet left a review – go on !!

Here are a few of my favorites:

From Goodreads:

I don’t normally read reviews in the same way I don’t normally bother with new Authors, but this book came highly recommended so I gave myself a push and bought it last night and I have not put it down till now.
If you like the Maze Runner and Hunger Games, but wished they had a few Vampires, Demons and a tad more heartache, this is the book for you!
It starts of fast, slows down for a few chapters painting the scene and then bam wham thank you mam all the way to the end. There is wrenching heartache, situations nobody should ever be in , Vampires, Demons and throw in a handfull of government agents and soldiers and we are good to go. When is book 2 coming out ?


Really enjoyed this book. In fact, I couldn’t put it down! Robson came up with some clever and enchanting ideas in Golden. Some I wasn’t expecting at all. The main character was relatable and well developed. Fast paced and engaging. Great Book.


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