Going Offline

Every year, for about five full days I go offline. And hands down, these are my favourite five days of the year!

Yes of course its Christmas time. Starting on the 23rd my laptop goes in the drawer along with my phone and in the background you can hear distressed voices lamenting : Mum ! There is something wrong with the internet! Mum my Netflix just froze! Muuuuummmmmm!

Me: Sorry kids, there must be something wrong with the signal, probably a storm? Maybe overloaded from everyone being home for the holidays!

It takes a day of grumping ad moping, but out come the board games, the pencils and colouring books and the puzzles. My teenager will stay in his room, but pick up a book. And! Actual conversation happens, followed by utter chaos. With 3 boys stuck in the house due to nonstop rain, every board game has been played, all the Nerf guns have been loaded and a very lively game of Nerf Tag has been played and repeated. My sofa and all the beds have been misused as trampolines, dens have been built out of every duvet and pillow in the house. Lego is EVERYWHERE! Screaming, shouting, arguing, wrestling, playfighting, more shouting –

how do I reconnect the internet again ???


Merry Christmas Everyone !!


3 thoughts on “Going Offline

  1. This is hilarious. Such a nice idea, though! Maybe I will try this sometime. 🙂


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