When the Lion falls in love with the lamb

Is, hands down, my favourite quote out of the good old Twilight books, and even without meaning to, I suppose the character of Daniel in Golden is strong and a bit scary as well.

It shows to our human nature, our instinct, that we all want a strong, able man. I also believe, that in this day and age, where men battle most wars on a keyboard, we look for our strong men in literature so much more.

Just take the 50 shades of Grey phenomena. Me personally, I managed to read 2 pages, and then I gave up. Being used to brilliant writers, the books are not well enough written for me to be able to find the patience to endure them, which I realise sounds snobbish, but as an avid reader I suppose I am quite a book snob.

And please don’t get to angry, I also struggle with Dan Brown. I loved his books, the stories, the plot line, but the presentation… By gum, dulled me to a early night.

As it happens I am fluent German, and when the first books came out, I read them in German. It was not till years later, when I was already living here in Wales and thought I could reread them in English, I found out the difference the translator caused in the works. I would have never known the difference, but translated into German, you can not put these books down, they are fantastic fast paced page turners. But boy oh boy did I struggle in English.

Back to point, the fifty shades of grey secret, seems to be the incredibly strong, successful man theme. Yet I doubt, in the middle ages, S&M was ever needed, due to all the sword fighting and brawling, they proved themselves to us woman in different ways back then.

In Golden, without giving to much of a spoiler away, of course, Mathew and Daniel are strong, but I was so fed up with all the waify girls in books. They either all kick ass (like ‘I’m the best of the best’) or they are a bit wimpy – see Bella in Twilight.

Amy is not wimpy, but she is real, she has not got a clue what is going on, but as in the real world she is a girl and with that emotionally stronger than any man – so she tries her damnedest to stumble through everything I threw at her.


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