Good Morning

Well we are into the second month after Golden has been released and I find myself still at odd with the whole experience.

On one side I am terrified to have people read my work and on the other side I can not wait to hear what they think.

I feel like a child in the weeks leading up to Christmas, when the anticipation is half of the magic of the season.

I have sold quite a few copies on Amazon, from as far away places as Australia, but to my distress I am not getting much in the way of feedback – feedback being the thing I dread in my Ebay shop the most and the thing I covet for my book Golden.

The strangest thing is ,  I do honestly believe I want feedback more than I want sales.

How are you all faring with your books and what is your experience ?

I have yet to have a negative review – and god knows I do not want one. A good friend has made a few pointers, she wanted to know where the good Mathew disappeared too all of a sudden (my lovelies, that would be a spoiler for book two and his sudden disappearance deliberate), and she also wanted to have had more expansion on the whole Lainy disaster near the end of the book – again, spoiler.

So, do I continue to check Amazon every few hours for a review update or stick my head in the sand for fear of my first bad one?


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