Golden – Not Vampire

For those out there that have not yet taken the plunge on the first Golden novel, there are some things you need to think about.

Take everything you know about Vampires, all the age old stories, all the myths and nightmare tales. Forget the movies and books, shelf Buffy next to Angel and have a really good think about what you see?

You see a terrifying being, commercially reused so many times, we are bored of the whole thing. Vampires are evil, vampires with a sole who can magically defy all blood lust for their love of a girl. And yes, it sparkles in the sun light and can jump as high as houses. Really?

In the 21st century nobody, absolutely no body actually believes in Vampires anymore, like Santa Clause, plausible as a child, known legend as a teen and adult.

What if that is exactly what they wanted.

Vampires do not exist, but what the stories mask is so much more terrifying then any Vampire story ever told.

What if the Legend of Vampires was the only thing stood between us and total chaos?

Think about it, really think about it: what do we really know about the world around us? We only know what we are told and in an age where what is written on Facebook is taken as plain fact and common sense is a rare commodity. We are a civilization of followers, it is probably better we all stay in the dark.



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