Tosu Tibetan Terriers

Pups due 16th of December.

Ready to leave from February.

Tibetan Terriers are one of the rarest types of small breed dogs.

They are incredibly soft furred, even as adults and it is easy to care for.

These dogs are non moulting and classed as hypoallergenic. On top of that they are world wide the only breed of dog that does not have the typical dog smell, their fur is more like human hair and will smell of shampoo until its next wash ( unless of course your dog is a swamp diver – mud has its very own smell….)

The characters rival Labradors, they are incredibly intelligent, kind, easily teachable, good and patient with children and quite in the house. That said they are very energetic and fun outdoors and when raised amount children are the perfect family member. They are often used in agility and showing due to their good honest temperaments and unlike actual terriers, these will listen (providing they have been trained) and come back mid chase of that next rabbit.

They have very little known health issues and have an average life span of 17!! years.

Any questions or advise about the breed, please do not hesitate to ask.


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