Amazon book ranking !

I have no idea what it means for ‘Golden’ but it is ranked 140 in children’s books and 19900 overall on Amazon.

Does anyone actually still visit book shops ? There seems little need. Our local library will order in any title you desire within a week and children do not even get fined for late returns. (feeling a bit guilty myself as I still have some library books left from my children’s summer holidays…).

Then I must admit, I have never looked anywhere further then good old amazon for books, I even get my audio books for ironing from there. Not that I am trying to promote them, or sing their praise.

Actually I have no feelings towards them at all, if only that they are a convenience and I have never bothered to spend any time looking for other sources of books.

If I am looking for something new to read, I go there and have a good browse, check what people have said about a book and , to be honest, probably choose one with a cover that appeals to me. Who else does the same?

I used to love spending hours in bookshops and spend most, if not all my money on books, but now our nearest bookstore is a ‘book superstore’ 1.5 hours away, and if I do drive that distance to shop, I rarely spend much time in a brightly lit stark white store that also sells fizzy pop and toys.

I think it is sad. There are, after all some old books I simply can not find as ebook and here in the Uk these bookshops seem to be becoming very rare finds indeed.


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