Fed up of your average Vampire book ?

What if Vampires were not what history painted them as?
What if they were our only defence against the monsters under the bed and we have made them our enemy in stories alone.
If you want a completely new and different twist on your good old vampire story this is the book for you.
Golden takes everything you have ever heard about Vampires and calls it lies, and the world is in a lot more trouble then we know!
When everything you know about the world to be true is a lie.
When the monster under the bed is suddenly staring back at you in the mirror..
How do you tell good from bad?
Today is the day.
It’s Amy’s 18th birthday.
Her bags are packed and she is ready to leave. A quick dash to collect her grandfathers trust fund and she is out of here – and more importantly out of the reach of her abusive stepfathers filthy hands. But Andras has other plans and soon Amy finds herself in a whole world of trouble.  
As she races to find out the truth about this new world, she is confronted with one certainty:
She is the only person standing between the Demons she fled from and the boy she loves.
Until she finds out she may be harboring the scariest monster of them all.
Now available on amazon, barnes and nobel and allromancebooks

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