Why we all love us a bit of Dystopian Drama

This last few years, everything I come across has been Dystopian.

I’m going to segment this blog into “episodes” my fingers just fly over the keys and otherwise it will get to long.
It started slowly on T.v 
(I’m not a big movie buff, so if you want to ad some films to watch out for in the comments, please do!)
The first show we noticed was “The Walking Dead” which does not need any introducing. 
From Rick to Carol the Characters are all individual and interesting. And there sure is some serious soul searching to be done with some of the situation the survivors find themselves in. Me and my husband have spent hours afterward discussing what would we do, how, where and what ? All the way done to deciding on a action plan should it happen. We are still fussy on the reason why they have not pointed out attics as a perfect hiding spot (except that you are locked in, but you could batter them to death from above with a plank of wood – ok, killer for the arm muscles, but it’s all about survival here).  You pull the ladders up and no un-dead can get in!
Michonne and Daryl have been my favorites from the start.Bow and arrow and swords. Yes!
Falling Skies : What a show! Not a renowned here in the Uk as THE WALKING DEAD, it centers around a worldwide Alien invasion/ complete takeover. There are pockets of survivors dotted about. The main group led by former ER Resident Noah Wyle.
My favorite is Captain Weaver followed closely by Ben Mason – Son turned part Alien. As you can tell, I am very fond of Falling Skies.
Revolution: Some (a bit strange theory) of nano bugs wipe out all power and electricity worldwide, the show then jumps to 1 or so years later and Americas states have fallen and we are back to cowboys and militias so it seems. The USA is divided into Republics and they are all at war against each other. All the while this little group of very clever people are trying to get the power turned back on. At times this series wobbles along the lines of LOST, it starts getting a bit on the “What the…..just happened” and “I don’t get it” side.So you have to pay attention while watching otherwise you can’t keep up.
Defiance: We are proper in to the world of Sci-Fi here, where the earth has been Terra-formed by invading Aliens. Its not so much about survival in this one and rather more about how the aliens interact with the humans.
And last but not least  “The 100”.
This one has a bit of everything! 
We start of in a giant satellite orbiting earth, where the survivors of a worldwide nuclear war have been waiting for almost 100 years to be able to go back down to the planet. (Earth had been made inhabitable from the nuclear fallout.) Now there is a good 2000 odd people living on this satellite and resources are running out. To in force their rules they have developed a “one punishment only” system. Where every rule broken results in you being “floated” out into space. The only exception is for under 16’s who get held in a sort of makeshift prison. As the satellite starts failing, the leaders decide to kick the 100 kids out by putting them in a rescue pod and sending them to the surface – not knowing if it is survivable or not. It is! But the kids are not alone, unlike believed, not everybody died during the nuclear apocalypse – the under 16’s are not alone!
It’s good, I like it.
All of the above have given us all here loads of topics to be avidly discussed and enjoyed,and 2 of them are of course based on BOOKS!! 
The 100 is based on a book by Kass Morgan and The walking dead is based on a comic series by the same name by Robert Kirkman
Please ad to the comments below which are your favorites or if there are any to ad ::
Will do books next time –

3 thoughts on “Why we all love us a bit of Dystopian Drama

  1. i always love dystopian fantasy !


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