Am I better than everyone else?

We all have lives outside of the WorldWideWeb where we converse with strangers –
( Hello my dear strangers, how are you this morning? )
and I would like to introduce you all a little to mine.
This morning some random person had a go at me (online) because they had “liked” my Facebook page and I had not “liked” theirs back. I replied with a little sad face and did not give it a second thought. I have better things to do then to start up an argument with somebody I do not know, will never meet and for all I know could be a 12 year old girl called ‘Ruby’, and not ‘Steven whats not’ who choose a picture of a snake as his profile. 
In the physical world I am not a very patient person when it comes to who I tolerate around me.
Indeed you read that right: “tolerate”.
I am not full of myself but to be honest, I would lie if I did not at times think myself better then other people – not ALL people, and I know a lot of people who are better then me.
But take the woman who decided to go shopping in her pyjamas (I have also been guilty of that..). 
I watch her standing in front of the frozen ready meal section screaming filthy swear words at her 2 year old who is sat crying in the trolley in front of her. 
And all because he dropped his dummy! – HELL YA I am better then that! 
The slackers that live of welfare, for no other reason as that they can and have never worked a honest day in their lives – got you beat on that one guys! 
The list goes on.
Whats with you people? “I know I am not better then anyone else” – you do? Haven’t got a very high opinion of yourself have you? Might want to work on that.
There are sooo many “not good” people out there, to even think about it gives me heart palpitations!! So lets not dwell.
Back to my friends – the list is short and feel honored if you are on it, as I have no time!  I do not have time to brush my hair in the morning – let alone text, tweet, facebook, phone X , Y and Z to ask how their morning is going. 
Meet up for coffee with P ? Do I really care how her husband screwed up yet again? Nope!
So I cut them out of my life – saves time and energy. Either they are really close friends – or in my world I don’t see them.
My other half is different, he gets on with everyone and knows everyone. Knows who is married to whom, who just had a baby, who ran of with the milkman – he could even tell you which car they drive. I just don’t have the space for all that info in my head, so I rely on him to fill me in when I meet “new” people (“no Kathryn, that’s so and so’s mum, you met last summer, remember???”. Nope! sorry:(
And I don’t mean it in a mean way at all, it’s not that I go out of my way to ignore everyone around me, quite the opposite. I spend so much time paying attention to my family and friends I love, that I have none left for passers by.
Especially if they are idiots.
I do not tolerate stupidity.
If however you have managed it onto my friends list, I am the best friend ever. I will literally do anything for my friends and family, all they have to do is ask!
They are all very good, they do not ask often as they know I have no time:( 
In fact they generally do more for me then I do for them…..
But they all know I am there if they need me.

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