Writing, Reading and Music

Now this is a subject I am passionate about – writing while listening to music.
How can you concentrate with that racket! My mother used to shout at me when I was doing my homework – easy better then without. Music gets me in a better mind set to get something done.
Our house comes alive with music everyday. We have our breakfast with the radio in the background, I crank up the tunes when I do the house work. The most unpleasant task – the louder the tunes need to be!
From a early age I discovered that listening to music in the background made the books better. Till this date, if I hear a certain song, it will bring alive the characters and story line of the novel I was reading at the time. Growing up it was mostly my parents music, and I am sure I get my love of music from them, as my childhood was filled with it!  It is funny which songs remind me of my Stephan King and Wolfgang Hohlbein favourites , I have everything mixed in there from Queen to Meatloaf and quite a few oddballs nobody else will have ever heard of! I daubt any of you have ever heard of Wolfgang Hohlbein for that matter. 
You see, I grew up in Germany and consequently went to school there, so I speak fluent German. Wolfgang Hohlbein was my author back then He literally has written hundreds of fantasy books (alas all in German), is very famous for them and they are all fab. Harry Potter meets Gregor the Overlander (thank you Huger Games Author Suzanne Collins – I devoured those books!!). So to all my German friends out there – give him a go and awaken your inner adventurer – but be noted, his books are not just for kids, some get very very dark.
Back to my writing adventure and music. I always had a list of songs playing in the background while writing, and they set the scene for my story in my mind, so I will share my song list with you, in the hope that you compile one for yourselves to listen to as you read Golden.
So keep an Eye open for random songs cropping up inbetween the lines of this blog, like breadcrumbs !
I take it back, he has had one or two translated in to English. Maerchenmond is my all time favourite of his and it has been translated to English as Magic Moon. Not a very good translation, as the actual Book is called Fairtale Moon, there is little magic in the book, its all fairy tale. Its is very very simelar to “once upon a time” tv show, but it’s a good 20 years old now I would have thought.



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5 thoughts on “Writing, Reading and Music

  1. MUSIC is absolutely necessary.
    It gives us small tips of fantasy, a great deal of tips. . .combined into a complete amazing daydream


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