Why I started writing

That is an easy one, because it is fun !

To delve into a world of make belief and imagination, where everything happens the way you want it is a rare treat in this busy world. Finding the time to do this with a full time job, 3 lively boys and a houseful of animals is a completely different matter.

It took me over 3 years to write Golden, which I wrote with pen and paper first. Big mistake!! Because now I had the task of deciphering my own scribble and the chore of typing it all out – that was not fun.

One good thing came of it, my first draft of Golden got overworked sentence for sentence and came out the other end a lot better for it !

It all started when I put down the last Twilight book. Unlike others who were all up on the hype, I had not heard of them until I found the book series by chance on Amazon, when looking for something new to read. At the time I was really really very pregnant with baby number 3, and I am not a happy glowing pregnant person, I basically suffer through the last 4 months. So I had time to cuddle up on the sofa and read book after book. I love the series, it reads easily and I got swept well up in the story, but there is a BUT. I found them very frustrating. Bella is too wilfy and helpless and Edward just to good to be true. And where did she get to with book number 4? I enjoyed it and it is still stood in my bookshelf, but a vampire/human hybrid what ??? And whats with the babies name? That was not where or how I saw the series ending at all!  After I put that down, I was done with reading other peoples books and started on my own.

But to give credit where credit is due, Stephanie Meyers “Host” is my favorite book to date. And I have read a lot of books! So if you have not read it yet, I truly recommend it. Its the only book that has ever made me cry, actually cry. Yes I was 8.5 months pregnant and yes it was 3 in the morning (isn’t that when all us bookworms are still up), but I shed tears like a baby. I am not going to give any away, it is not a sad book by nature.

Well done Mrs Meyer and thank you – when is your next book out ?


8 thoughts on “Why I started writing

  1. Hey! Me again. 😉 I see you like vampires, so I suggest you try The Immortal Rules! Happy reading!


    • I don’t think there are many left I havent read… Those included . I’m currently working my way through everything post apocalyptic …have you read the morgenville vampires ?

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      • No, I should give it a try!


      • oh gosh you must ! Very funny books and there are loads of them, they have loads of are very scary vampires (no good looking brooding ones with a soul in these books, a very hunky boy ghost and some magical serial killer vampire/teacher/employer. Oh man, that makes no sense at all, but try describing a book without giving any of the plot away. I never ever read the blurb, its like watching a trailer for a movie – it spoils the best scenes when you know they are coming!
        Rachel Caine – The Morgenville Vampire Series

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      • Very good point! But I never know what to read without a blurb to help guide me!


      • I jump straight to the first page , either I like the writing style or I don’t xx I’m a bit of tough cookie , I can’t stand it a book is badly written , I hope I can measure up to my own critique ! Will be allowed to post a sample page of Golden soon ! So excited !

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      • Me too! I love your approach!


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