Monument 14

I have just put down the last book of Monument 14 by Emmy Laybourne,  a dystopian novel set in 2024. America gets wiped out by a Tsunami and a group of school kids (ranging from 5 – 16)  get them self locked in a Superstore. Unlike a lot of books staring young heroes and heroines, who always act sensible and wise beyond their years, this bunch actually acts like kids – in every situation! They bicker, they nag, they goof of. They fight, and fight and fight and – throw in a couple of hormonal boys and it is a powder-keg ready to blow! At first I though I may be able to hand it on to my 10 year old to read after, but it soon became clear that these kids get in quite a few grown up situations, and like normal kids would given the circumstances – are way in over their heads. Its a very interesting read that I find quite disturbing – simply because the kids act like my kids would if you took all the adults away and left them to fend for themselves. Normally in these sort of stories the kids are clever and heroes, but Emmy has done really well channeling her inner 5 year old (8 year old, 12 year old and 16 year old). 

I love the series and would recommend it to anyone over say 13 – 100!

She also opens up some serious debate that I think is quite realistic to this time.

 With the weather acting up the way it is across the world (we live in Wales in the Uk,not a hint of snow all winter and it barely dropped below 5 degrees ??) how would countries like the Usa and the Uk react do a massive natural catastrophe effecting us?

I remember when the Tsunami hit on Boxing day, I stood in front of the news crying like a baby, I could not comprehend the massive loss of life.

I don’t think her suggestion of “Concentration camps” is completely unrealistic, what could the Government do with 8 million refugees? The resources and organisation skills that would take are phenomenal.

It is an unsettling future she pictures through the eyes of her adolescent heroes Dean (my son is called Dean…) and Alex and a very good read.

Has anyone read any good Ya books lately ?

Please don’t share anything that will make me cry or think about deep emotions, those are not the books for me.

I like action, an intriguing plot that throws up lots of questions and gives little answers, mesmerizing characters and a story that pulls me into a different world.


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